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Do you know that you can earn at Prizelive with instant payouts by just completing tasks, referring the site to friends, playing games, and winning contests? Here's a proof: the moment I joined in, I saw at my page that a guy named max99 just cashed out $2.12 via PayPal. The advantage of this money generating site is that you will earn while enjoying all the fun!

Here are some tips in order to succeed at prizelive.com:

1. Completing tasks - After signing in, you will be guided to a page where you will be completing tasks. It's very easy since all

you have to do is to stay on each of the pages provided for you and wait after 20 seconds, then that's it! You will be done with all the tasks before you know it.

2. Referring prizelive.com to friends - If you have other social networking accounts such as facebook, twitter, myspace, friendster, or even blogger and email, then great! You only have to copy the prizelive

referral links and make sure that you sell well with your own additional words to make your friends interested for signing up!

3. Winning games and contests - You will not have a headache on the games provided because it's all worth the fun! Unlike at the arcade or online games when you need to pay for every game you play... here at prizelive, you will earn cash! Some of the games are: crossword puzzles, match up games, basketball, quick shot and many more including contests. From the games' title, I'm sure winning is not impossible for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun and earn instant cash daily in just a matter of minutes at prizelive!

Press on this link now: www.prizelive.com/

(If pressing the link doesn't work, simply highlight it and copy to your browser.)  

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