Effective Home Remedies For Asthma

Asthma has no cure yet as far as medical studies is concerned. But it’s good to know that it’s controllable. And having proper care and treatment will most likely lessen the attacks or merely stop the attack all the more. So, as much as possible, when an attack happens, it’s necessary to know and do some treatment first for the patient to feel better before going to the hospital for a further medical treatment.

And so, here are some proven effective home remedies for asthma:

Coffee – Not many people know this but coffee is a very effective remedy for

asthma. It’s the caffeine that helps a patient feel better. Coffee helps open up the bronchial tubes that give way for the air to be inhaled and exhaled smoothly. A patient is advised to drink strong coffee, preferably, without sugar. Sipping a little amount one at a time, until the patient feel much better, that should do it. Cold or lukewarm coffee will do.

Honey – honey is considered beneficial to asthmatic patients. A jug filled with honey will help ease the difficulty in breathing by inhaling it through the mouth. This will make the air passage open that will help breathing back to normal. Regularly drinking liquids with a teaspoon-full of honey for at least 3 times a day will help prevent asthma attacks.

Garlic Cloves – garlic cloves are not only natural pain killers but a

good home remedy for asthma. Drinking boiled ginger tea with minced garlic daily will highly avoid the risk of asthma attack. This will also help the patient away from asthma for good if maintained.

Grapes – this needs a little time to prepare so this should do best for keeping a patient away from attacks. All you need to do is soak dry grapes and keep it cold in a cup of milk then chew them. Although this may not come handy at all times but it’s good to consider having a stock of grapes at home because this is highly a good home remedy.

The above natural remedies are just some of the many other home remedies for asthma. So far, these are the ones that helped me feel better when asthma attacks. I highly recommend coffee though because it works in seconds! I thank God that it’s been a long time now since I suffered from an attack. That's because I maintain drinking ginger tea with honey.

The thing is, let’s not allow asthma to be in control because clearly, it doesn't no right to do so. Rather, let’s keep asthma in our control instead.

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