How Coffee Causes Palpitation

How Coffee Causes Palpitation

Coffee is known as an eye-opener and energy booster. For many, this has been their company to keep them awake and energized from a whole day and/or overnight of work. But as to most people, this can cause dangerous palpitation as well especially to those who are not used to the effects of caffeine which is present in coffee.

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a substance which is found in coffee. Tea and cocoa also contains this substance. Caffeine affects brain and body and makes one more active. Thus, it keeps our body’s nervous system energized. Like how a

machine is being replenished with oil in order to work again. Caffeine is one substance that does that to the human body.

How Can Coffee Cause Palpitation?

As to what I said earlier, not many people experience the palpitation from drinking coffee, except to those who have weak nervous system. Since caffeine is an energy booster, it could energize one’s body depending on the dosage taken. Because caffeine stimulates our body’s central nervous system. Coffee such as brewed, espresso, which are high and strongly caffeinated products

will more likely work tremendously when taken in. And this could dangerously affect a person who has low tolerance with caffeine.

Now, here are the signs and symptoms of palpitation:

Fast and irregular heart beat
Trembling nerves
lack of focus
very weak feeling that could lead to collapse

If you, who read this right now, experience the above symptoms after drinking a cup of coffee, then your body has a low tolerance with caffeine. It’s highly dangerous and can cause heart problems. It’s necessary to switch into decaffeinated coffee or better yet, stay away from it or other caffeinated drinks in order to stay away with possible illnesses as well. Personally, I’ve developed this low tolerance with caffeine lately and so I decided to stop drinking coffee for good.  

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