How The Human Brain Memorizes Lyrics Of Music?

I am a music lover person. I don't pass a day without hearing some music. Whether I'm inside or outside the house, I make sure that my earphone and ipod is with me. That keeps me company and away from boredom.

As a musician in our church, it's a must that I learn new music to impart with our congregation. What I do is, I listen to a certain music over and over for many times and eventually memorize all the lyrics and melody.

Doing this made me want to know, what it is that makes a person able to memorize music

lyrics and melody.

Here's a very good explanation I got. I've come to know that it's the cerebrum in our brain, that works in order for us to memorize music. The following are different parts in the cerebrum which work in different functions.

Frontal Gyrus - is located in the brain particularly in the cerebrum which is the largest part of the brain. The frontal gyrus is associated with remembering music when it's being heard or sung.

This is what helps people memorize and store music lyrics into the brain.

Dorsolateral Frontal Cortex - This is another area in the cerebrum which is stimulated when music is being played. It brings up images, sounds, and pictures that is associated with music. (This explains why we remember a person or a place when hearing a particular music.)

Motor Cortex - is an area in the cerebrum which helps to control movements of the body like when playing a musical instrument by processing visual and sound cues.

So, the question here is how soon do you memorize one particular music lyrics? The answer is, it depends! It depends on how frequent you listen to it. The brain's ability to memorize a particular music relies to the frequency/repetition of a music being played to the ears. 

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