How To Remove Your Blackheads

Hello beauties! Do you have problems with getting rid of your blackheads that seem to overcrowd on your face? They usually grow on the nose, forehead, or on the chin and cheeks. Well, say goodbye to those ugly blackheads from now on without having to go to a facial clinic nor spend much money on it. You can make this possible even just by yourself at home. I have done this myself by only using natural ingredients.

Prepare the following:

1. Hot water in a basin or any pot or container.

2. 3 tablespoon of oatmeal

3. One small tomato cut in half




1. With a clean face, cover your hair with a showering cap or tie it up to keep the hair away from going to your face so as not to distract your facial.

2. Steam face for 15 minutes on a hot water. Make sure that you use a thick kind of cloth or best a bath towel for head cover during the steaming session so to make sure that the heat won't go anywhere else but to your face. You can set up an alarm for 15mins. This method is to open up the pores of your skin. DO NOT WIPE YOUR FACE after the steam.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of lukewarm water to the oatmeal for

it to become a little sticky. Apply it on your whole face avoiding the eye section. Wait for it to dry up and formed together as a mask. Oatmeal is beneficial to the skin because it serves as the absorber of blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads. Some people uses this method alone regularly to maintain the purity of their skin. Remove the oatmeal mask from chin upward and wash your face.

4. Gently massage the juicy part of tomato to your face. Tomatoes are great for the skin because they have antioxidants that remove dry skin and restore dead skin cells. Massage face until satisfied.

5. Carefully extract the white part of an egg. Apply on the entire face and wait until it hardens like a clear plastic mask. Wash face with cold water. Note that egg helps close the skin pores. See the difference and say GOODBYE to your blackheads!

This facial method for treating blackheads could be a great way to bond with your sister or girl friends. I did this last week with my sister at home. You could take turns on serving each other. Have a blackhead-free day ladies!

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