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Hello there! I know that a lot of you already know something about mylot. Well, the first thing that gets to mind when hearing this word, I believe is, earn money. That's right! And now, let me tell you more about this site which will make you sign up immediately.

What is MyLot?


Mylot is a social networking site where millions of members are interacting all over the globe. This is so much alike with Facebook, Friendster, Digg, Twitter but one thing differs is that - the earning side of it. You will not only enjoy making friends and connecting with

them but you will also enjoy all the benefits that myLot gives.

How To Earn at MyLot?
Through DISCUSSIONS: Since mylot is a social networking site, one can earn from participating and making discussions on it (this is like a forum site and discussion is the unique way of myLot to attract members). It's never that hard since you will enjoy every bit of the participation. The logic here is, the MORE you PARTICIPATE, the MORE you EARN! The best tip I can give you is to start discussions which are very helpful and of high quality. Why? Because if you start a discussion with some worth of reading it and can help lots of readers with informative and useful things from it, that will make unique visitors lead them to your discussion when they search via google that relates to it. MyLot rewards more earnings to those who posts quality discussions than to those who post without helpful insights at all.

Through REFERRALS: This

is one way to increase your earning capacity a higher boost. Through referrals, myLot will give you an earning bonus to an equal of 25% of that user's earnings who signed up under your referral. That's good news right? Oh yes! This is gonna be a boost to your earnings when your friends sign up to join you on this site and experience the fun!

Through TASKS: MyLot users (especially advertisers and/or online job publishers) post tasks here and give payment which is added to an account as soon as the task is performed. Once you clicked on a task that you know you're able to do, you'll be rewarded a payment added to your earnings right away. The payment varies depending on the difficulty of a task.

I've been a member of this site a couple of months now and I'm actually near to reaching the minimum payout of $10. As soon as you sign up, don't forget to read the myLot rules, so as not to spoil the fun on starting discussions that could lead to deletion. Here's the link:

Don't waste time and sign up now on myLot, enjoy and start making money!

Register here NOW!

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