The Disadvantages Of Music To Human Behavior

What are the Disadvantages of Music to the Human Behavior?

Now, this one is more interesting. Because I’ve come to decide to write something that will truly help us into understanding what music can do to us as human beings. Once again, I hope that this article will answer your curiosity with scientific explanation.

I took music as a major back in college. I love music as well aas singing and that explains why I took music as a course. I’m actually using this God-given talent in the church, accompanying congregations with hymns and choral anthems. And I’m blessed for being able

to do this.

But as to my curiosity, I wonder, why is it that there are times when we can’t explain that music has something to do with our behavior. It’s because the fact is, music influences the human behavior. And here, I will be pointing out the disadvantages.

I researched and let me quote this, from the Alzheimer’s Disease Research: “The limbic system is composed of several interlinking parts that lay deep inside the brain. Alzheimer’s Disease Research notes that this part of the brain reacts emotionally to music, giving the listener chills, joy, sadness, excitement, pleasure and other feelings. The Newark University Hospital notes that the ventral tegmental area of the limbic system is the structure that is primarily stimulated by music, just as it is by eating, sex and drugs. The amygdala of the limbic system is the area typically linked to negative emotions such as fear and is normally inhibited when listening to music.”

From learning this fact, I’ve come to understand why the following happened and is still happening.

 1. “My Way” song, which is popularized by Frank Sinatra, has led many people into committing suicide and some were killed while singing it in karaoke.

(Take note: This has already hit several deaths in the Philippines for the past years.)

In the last 2 years, 8 people were killed in Thailand for singing “Country Road, Take Me Home”. A Malaysian man died from stab wounds in a bar and a guy in Seattle was punched simply because a woman didn’t like his rendition of the song, “Yellow” by Coldplay.

2. Hard Metal Rock music creates hate, distrust, disgust that leads to rebellion and aggressive and self-destructive behavior especially to young people.

3. Some music encourages infidelity to some people.

Not many people know this but it's proven. So, we better be careful on choosing the kinds of music we liked listening to or better yet, review the music that we love. Especially with children, because they don't know and don’t understand what it is that they listen to so they highly need adult guidance.

I know that we love music, who doesn’t? I, myself, love music very much because it has been my company when I’m happy or down. Only, we need to be very careful on choosing the music we like simply by understanding its lyrics. I hope that this article has helped you in some way!

I have an article before on this same topic, that music affects termite’s eating behavior. (Here's the link to read more: )

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